It’s summer, it’s hot, and there’s only so much time anyone can spend at the pool or the beach.  So, if your kids are like mine, sometimes you need at least a little bit of screen-time to restore everyone’s sanity.

With that in mind, here are a couple of great LEGO sites sure to entertain both kids and adults.  Watch ‘em with the kids; chilled juice boxes for everyone!

First, LEGO356 (AKA A LEGO a Day).  This is the project of Dan, a teacher, photographer, and LEGO enthusiast.  As he explains, he took a photo everyday with a LEGO mini-figure.  His blog chronicles this great project, and is sure to elicit a chuckle from grown-ups and a chorus of “Cool!” from the kids.  The blog will be complete on July 31, 2011, so be sure to visit before the end of the month…and then to re-visit afterwards!

Also, this Yahoo article features some other great projects made out of LEGO.  As always, this amazing stuff begs the question: where DO people find the time to do this type of thing?!?!  But, we’re all too happy to check it out!

For direct links to the Legoland car video go here:

And for the printer one go here: