If your kids are like mine, they love listening to music!  My boys like all sorts of music, from the plethora of kid-bands to popular music from the radio.

Recently the boys have been asking if I would add videos by some of their favorite singers onto their YouTube playlist.  Now, I like Lady Gaga as much as the next person, but I don’t think my kids are ready to see her video for Telephone…or some of her other songs, for that matter!  Luckily, a bit of YouTube-research turned up several videos that only have the lyrics, including this one of the boys’ favorite Lady Gaga song:

(And, as an added bonus, my 6-year-old can practice his reading while hearing the lyrics at the same time!)

Some other quick searches turned up lots of other songs with the similar format.  Of course, use your discretion — sometimes you might find the thought of your child(ren) reading the actual lyrics WORSE than them seeing the video in question!