This week — April 19-25, 2010 — is National TV Turn-Off Week, now known as Digital Detox Week!  (Brought to you by the folks at AdBusters.)

The idea is for adults and kids alike to cut down on not just television but screen-time in general.  You know the drill: spend more family time, go to the library, take a walk, throw a ball, play pick-up b-ball, do a puzzle, read a book, talk to one another, etc.

Naturally, hard-core hockey fans will be disappointed to realize that Digital Detox Week comes during the NHL playoffs (Go AvsGo Caps!).  Similarly, most of us won’t be able to tell our bosses that we can’t get any work done because we’re keeping our computers, smart phones, and blackberries turned off.

So, I see this week as less of a “do or die” threat and more of an opportunity.  When it’s possible to partake in a non-electronic activity — with the kids, with a loved one, by yourself — do it!  When you don’t think it’s possible to entirely eliminate all use of electronics, try to use your computer to get your work done while cutting back the Facebook habit.  (Yes, I’m talking to myself here!)

Interestingly, it’s often easiest for kids to forsake the television, the computer, the Wii, and the DS.  So let’s follow their lead and just have fun!