For the remainder of the summer, my kids will be attending “Camp Mommy” with yours truly acting as Camp Director, Head Counselor, Sports Coach, the entire cafeteria team, and just about every other role you could imagine.  Luckily, there are tons of interesting activities to keep all of us busy; luckier still, some of these interesting activities are leading me to new blog topics!

Today I took the kids to see back-to-back performances by Cathy & Marcy & Christylez Bacon and Hobey Ford.  The three performers each have video pages on their websites, and my kids had a blast re-living the shows by watching the videos.  All the videos are on YouTube, including my boys’ favorites:

(Human Beatbox)

and (Hip Hop Humpty Dumpty).  They also particularly enjoyed seeing Jubilation.  Note to Christylez, Kathy, and Marcy: we’d love to see a YouTube version of the “spoon-off!”

Hobey Ford’s puppet creations are a hit as well, especially

(Peepers)El Coqui and Happy Feet (or Tin Man, as my boys call it) were not part of today’s show, but the kiddos absolutely loved them anyway.

I hope your kids enjoy these videos as much as mine do.  Cathy & Marcy’s CDs, washboard, and other items are available on their website, as are some coloring pages.  Hobey Ford’s site includes some PDF downloads about puppeteering that adults will find interesting, and you can buy his “peepers” here.

Christylez’ site includes info on his upcoming shows.  If you are in the DC area, you should definitely try to attend a show.  He’s incredible!