Almost from the moment we launched our YouTube playlist, one video remained steadfastedly in the Popular Videos list: The Elephant Song by Eric Herman.

So, when I was asked to listen to Eric’s newest CD, What a Ride, I happily obliged.  I have to say that I like the CD just fine.  Whereas some kids’ music makes me want to drive nails through my eardrums, Eric’s music is catchy and fun without being obnoxiously repetitive or mind-numbing.  Even more important, though, my kids love the CD!  It helped get my 4 1/2 year old through a week-long bout of fever-induced confinement in the house.  His favorite track is “How to Move a Monster,” a really cute song about a monster who moves from the school to City Hall when a brave little girl kindly asks him to do so.  I giggle at “Carseat Snack,” too.

A couple of quick words about Eric.  Like many musicians who cater to kids, he involves his whole family in his music-making.  His wife Roseann and his daughters Becca and Evee perform with him at festivals and events.  Kids of all ages will enjoy his music, but it is directly towards those 4 to 8 who have mostly outgrown The Wiggles and other songs for preschoolers.  He also blogs about kid music.  (This website isn’t directed towards kids, more towards grown-ups looking for kid music.)

Although the videos from What a Ride aren’t yet available, much of Eric’s older songs are on YouTube, such as The Tale of the Moon and the Sun (a lullaby):

and Crazy Over Vegetables (a funny kid-pleaser that parents will also like because of the eat-your-veggies message):