The impetus for this posting goes entirely to someone I respect, trust, and love as much as anyone: my own mom!  A few weeks ago Mom suggested we all watch Mary Poppins while she was visiting.  Now, you have to understand that my boys do not do well with movies.  They were terrified of Pinocchio and Happy Feet, and — despite seeing Cars dozens of times — they still cover their eyes and whimper during the Frank the Tractor scene.  I must admit that I had my doubts.  But Mom’s suggestion was right on, because the kids LOVE Mary Poppins!  The 4-year-old walks around the house singing “Chim Chiminy” and they both recite “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down…” over and over again.  (I guess this is my just reward for endlessly serenading Mom with the entire Annie soundtrack when I was a kid.)

But here is the best part:  Mary Poppins is truly a wonderful movie!  It is a story about kids, written with kids in mind.  It has wonderful music and dancing.  The plot is neither too simple nor too complex for young children.  There is no swearing, no innuendo, no violence.  All the characters find happiness in the end by doing kind things for one another.  And let’s not forget that “when Mary Poppins in around, magical things just seem to happen!”  Watching the movie with my boys, I remember why I enjoyed it as a child, and I savor it all again as an adult.  Thanks, Mom!

I was so happy to find the Mary Poppins song clips on YouTube, and to add them to my boys’ YouTube playlists.  Some clips were pretty blurry with the words unfortunately slurred together, but I found others that were relatively clear (both visually and audibly).  Some of these even include the lyrics so reading kids can sing along.  Now they can listen to the songs and watch the dancing on KidDesktop.  Maybe they’ll even learn more of the words so they don’t have to repeat the chorus over and over and over and over and over (get the idea?) again.  Which reminds me, Mom, I really am sorry about the Annie songs!

To add the same clips I found to your child’s YouTube playlist, search for these codes in the YouTube part of KDBuilder:

  • 4b-Z0SSyUcw (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
  • HKSPxsX4MDM (Step in Time)
  • djQdI1t9_Ag (Spoonful of Sugar)